Census of Moycullen

Based on research by Treasa Bairéad Mhic Mhathúna & Hazel Morrison

Blake Census 1793 – 1813

All recorded surnames are as spelled in the record.  If you are trying to find connections to your family, all entries should be thoroughly checked.  The townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read.  Individuals may appear in this census more than once if they have moved between townlands during the term of the census.
(Hint:  by holding down ctrl button on your keyboard while clicking on the letter f key, you will bring up a search box which allows you to enter a word to find in this document, but please bear in mind spelling differences….ie Lydon was once spelled Liddane!)

Townlands Included in Census:  Ballidoty, Ballinahally, Ballyquirke, Cartoor, Cloniff, Chapel Environs, Cloonabinny, Clydagh, Coolagh, Corbally, Curragh, Drimcong & Gortnavieh, Drimvoohane, Gorticalla , Gortiloghlin, Gortuocry, Killagoola, Killbroughlane, Killclogane, Knockanranny, Knockbane, Knockranny, Knockshanbally, Lissagurrane, Mountains, Moycullen, Newtown, Ogool, Ohery, Polleh, Portaragh, Pulnacloh, Rinneen, Tuareeny, Tullikiane, Tumnashrah.


Census Transcription


Carroll, Jas (M.’03)

Connor, Bart (M.’05)

Connor, Hugh Patt (M.’98)

Connor, Jas (Shoemaker) (M.’06, R.’07)

Connor, Jas (Tailor) (M.’03, C.’08)

Connor, Owen (W.’96)

Connor, Patt (M.’01)

Connor, Roger (B.’93, M.’08)

Connor, Simon (D.’03)

Connor, Thomas (M.’95, R.’04)

Daay, John (M.’11)

Daay, Patt

Faherty, John (M.’10)

Faherty, Laurence (M.’97)

Faherty, William (M.’96, R.’01)

Halloran, Ed (M.’01, R.’02)

Hinde, Thomas Mr.

Joyce, Luke (M.’93, C.’07)

Joyce, Walt (R.’95)

Ke[blotted]acan, Jno (R.’06)

Keely, John (M.’94, W.’03)

Kelly, John (C.’10)

Lennane, Theady (M.’97)

MacAnne, Myles

MacDonogh, Jas

McDonagh, Francis

Mulluoge, Jno

Mulluoge, Owen (M.’95, W.’01)

Mulluoge, Thomas (R.’95)

Mulvy, Morgan (M.’04, R.’07)

Ridge, James

Walsh, Bart (M.’05)

Willoughby, Dominick

Willoughby, Francis (D.’04)

Willoughby, Patt (M.’06)



Barrett, Laurence (R.’04)

Barrett, Michael (M.’03)

Barrett, Michael (D.’00)

Barrett, Patt (N.’98)

Barrett, Patt Junr (M.’03)

Connelan, Mathias (W.’03)

Connell, Patt

Connely, Mark (M.’04)

Connor, Andrew (B.’93, M.’02, R.’06)

Connor, Jno (D.’00)

Conry, Jno (M.’93, R.’03)

Conry, Martin (R.’03)

Darcy, Connor (R.’12)

Davern, Hugh

Davern, Michael (M.’94)

Davern, Murtagh (D.’00)

Decy, Ed (M.’04)

Decy, Mark (M.’01, R.’06)

Decy, Michael (M.’00)

Deey, James (D.’01)

Flaherty, Andrew (M.’98, R.’01)

Flaherty, Maths (D.’02)

[G][F]lynn, John (M.’10)

Flynn, Patt (R.’96)

French, Martin

French, Patt (N.’04)

Gaunane, John

Gaunane, Martin (M.’03, R.’12)

Gaunane, Mathias (M.’96, W.’00, M.’01, R.’12)

Gaunane, Theady (W.’03)

Gormule, Bart (B.’93, M.’98)

Halloran, Edmund (M.’06)

Halloran, Richard (R.’09)

Hernan, Ed (D.’98)

Hernan, Martin

Kelly, Jno (D.’03)

Kelly, Laurence

King, Myles (D.’99)

King, Patt (M.’04, R.’10)

King, Thomas

Kinnavy, Jno (R.’01)

Lennane, Michael (M.’98, R.’09)

Leonard, George (M.’02, W.’04)

Lorrignan, Peter

MacDonogh, And Rd (W.’12)

MacDonogh, Bart (R.’01)

MacDonogh, Jas (N.’10)

MacDonogh, Jno Junr (M.’94)

MacDonogh, John

MacDonogh, Martin (M.’04)

MacDonogh, Martin Walt (M.’09)

MacDonogh, Michael

MacDonogh, Myles (M.’09)

MacDonogh, Patt (M.’99)

MacDonogh, Patt (D.’98)

MacDonogh, Peter (M.’03)

MacDonogh, Richard (M.’02, R.’11)

MacDonogh, Walt (D.’05)

Mulkirane, Mark (R.’09)

Mulkirane, Roger (M.’02)

Mulkirane, Theady (D.’97)

Mulkirane, Theady (M.’09)

Mulkirane, Thomas

Mullan, Patt (D.’06)

Mullan, Richard (R.’03)

Mulluoge, Malchy (R.’12)

Mulluoge, Owen (M.’02)

Mulluoge, Patt (D.’99)

Murphy, Andrew (M.’97)

Murphy, Owen

Murphy, Patt (D.’96)

Phelan, Andrew (D.’02)

Quin, Ed (R.’06)

Reilly, Bart (M.’05)

Reilly, Ed (W.’12)

Reilly, John Edmd (M.’10)

Reilly, Jno

Reilly, Martin

Reilly, Mathias

Reilly, Mathias Junr (M.’99, W.’01, W.’03 sic, M.’04)

Reilly, Michael (M.’09)

Toole, Laurence (M.’03, W.’04)

Walsh, Ed

Walsh, John (M.’04)

Walsh, Peter (R.’06)

Walsh, Patt (M.’00)



Faherty, John

Faherty, Mathias

Faherty, Patt

Faherty, Thomas (W.’07, M.’08)

Flaherty, Bryan (R.’11)

Flaherty, Jno (M.’02)

Flaherty, Mark (R.’09)

Flaherty, Michael (M.’08)

Flaherty, Patt (R.’11)

Kerin, David (R.’04)

Walsh, John (N.’12)



Laffey, Michael

Laffey, Thomas (W.’13)

Walsh, Edmund (M.’06)

Walsh, Patt


Chapel Environs:

Bane, Denis (D.’98)

Barrett, James (M.’11)

Barrett, William (M.’93)

Burke, Patt

Darcy, Jas. (M.’09)

Darcy, Jno. (D.’05)

Darcy, Morgan (M.’07)

Finnegan, Owen (D.’10)

Kyne, Thomas (R.’05)



Name obliterated by damp

Bane, Mahon (M.’12)

Canavan, Mark (M.’00)

Connor, John (M.’06)

Hurney, Michael (M.’06)

Hurney, Pat (M.’11)

Tierney, Jno.

Tierney, Michael (M.’07, W.’09)

Tierney, Patt (M.’10)

Tierney, Thos. (M.’00)



Conneely. Lau (M.’11)

Connor, Bart (W.’10)

Connor, Hugh

Connor, James (C.’08)

Connor, Lau (M.’02)

Connor, Patt (N.’96, D.’03)

Dany, Martin (C.’04)

Guarim, Daniel (M.’05)

Guarim, Jas

Kinnavy, Roger

Linnane, Thos (R.’95)

MacDonogh, Stephen

MacDonogh, Daniel (M.’01)

MacDonogh, Michl (M.’07)

MacDonogh, Patt (M.’93)

McDonogh, Thomas (M.’07)

Walsh, David (R.’99)

Walsh, Jno

Walsh, John Maths (M.’11)

Walsh, Mathias (D.’00)

Walsh, Patt Senr (R.’95)

Walsh, Patt Junr (R.’95)

Walsh, Pat Peter (M.’12)

Walsh, Thos (W.’00)

Welch, Jno Peter (M.’06)

Welch, Martin (C.’05)

Welch, Peter (C.’06)



Bradley, Patt (M.’08)

Cannavan, John (M.’11)

Carter, Patt

Carter, Richard (N.’00)

Connor, Bart

Connor, Luke

Connor, Patt (M.’96)

Connor, Peter,

Connor, Simon (M.’97)

Connor, Theady (M.’11)

Connor, Thomas (P., D.’03)

Costello, Thos. (R.’02)

Decy, Jas.

Decy, Patt (M.’10)

Dwyer, Thomas (M.’95)

Garvey, John (B.’93, M.’10)

Garvey, Wm (M.’95)

Geraghty, Martin (N.’02)

Halloran, Richard (M.’02)

Kerin, Bart (M.’05)

Kerin, Daniel

Kerin, Thos (M.’98)

Lee, Ed

MacCarra, William (D.’97)

MacDonogh, John (M.’02)

MacDonogh, Patt

MacHugo, Jno.

Martin, Peter

O’Donnell, James (W.’01, M.’02, D.’03)

Sullivan, Patt (N.’02)

Toole, Patt (N.’12)



Audley, Jno

Audley, Simon

Dunneen, Bart (?D.’01)

Earner, Lau

Earner, Thomas

Faherty, Jno (D.’12)

Faherty, Mathias (M.’03)

Faherty, Patt

Faherty, Theady (M.’07, W.’09)

Faherty, Thomas (M.’01)

Liddane, James

Reddington, Patt (M.’07)

Toole, Jno

Tool, Lau

Tool, Patt (P.)

Toole, Pat Junr (M.’11)

Walsh, Michael



Connor, Bart (R.’05)

Curly, Mathias (P.)

Curly, Patt

Curly, Peter (M.’96)

Daay, Martin (M.’93  R.’05 )

Daay, Thomas

Earner, Daniel (D.’00)

Earner, Patt (R.’03)

Healy, James

Lye, Michael (R.’05)

Neilan, Bart (D.’02)

Neilan, Denis

Walsh, Martin (R.’06)

Walsh, Peter (R.’06)



Bane, Patt (M.’08)

Burke, Jno

Carroll, John (N.’11)

Clancy, Jas Pat (M.’11)

Clancy, Jas

Clancy, Peter

Connor, Jno (D.’06)

Conry, James (R.’08)

Conry, Michael (M.’10)

Cubbard, Harry

Cubbard, Jno

Darcy, John (M.’07)

Earner, Cormac (D.’95)

Faherty, Patt (C.’04, R.’08)

Feeney, Bart

Feeney, Jno

Holt, Jas (N.’09)

Joyce, Patt (N.’97)

Keady, Jno (D.’98)

Keady, Michael (D.’07)

Keady, Peter (D.’06)

Liddane, Pat (R.’97)

Liddane, Thomas (R.’97)

Madden, Michael (W.’05)

Madden, Jno (M.’09)

Madden, Thomas (M.’06)

Rush, Bart (M.’03)



Boughan, Thomas (W.’02)

Duane, Ed (R.’06)

Liddane, William


Drimcong & Gortnavieh:

Bane, Thomas (M.’06)

Burke, Jas (M.’93)

Cannavan, Patt

Connor, Denis (N.’08)

Connor, Theady (M.’93)

Conry, James (R.’08)

Crishim, Michael

Darcy, Thomas (M.’07)

Healy, Jno

Irwin, Mrs

Mulle[n], Patrick (R.’97)

Ruane, William (N.’99)

Walsh, David (N.’01)

Walsh, Thos



Barrett, Mark ((N.’09)

Conneely, Jno (Tailor) (D.’05)

Conneely, Jno Davy (W.’97)

Conneely, Jno (Shoemaker) (P)

Conneely, Michael

Conneely, Patt

Conneely, Thos (M.’00)

Connell, Bart (M.’94)

Connell, Jas (M.’08, R.’11)

Connor, Myles (M.’10)

Connor, Thomas (D.’94)

Corkan, Martin (N.’96)

Cottenham, James (D.’02)

Cottenham, Martin (R.’04)

Cottenham, Thomas (N.’05)

King, Martin (M.’95)

Joyce, Michael (R.’99)

Joyce, Patt

Laffy, Mark (D.’05)

MacDonogh, Hubert (R.’00)

Mulkirane, Patt (M.’95, R.’97)

Mulloy, Thomas

Swanwick, Thomas (M.’94)

Walsh, Jno Richard

Walsh, John Mathew (M.’95)

Walsh, Mark

Walsh, Matthew (W.’05)

Walsh, Michael (M.’97)

Walsh, Thomas

Walsh, Thos Mathew (N.’00)



Bane, Jno (M.’06)

Bane, Mark (M.’03)

Barrett, Jno (M.’99)

Casey, Patt (D.’06)

Connor, Jno (M.’93)

Connor, Laurence (M.’03)

Darcy, Peter

Feeney, Peter

Feeney, Peter Junr (M.’10)

Joyce, Peter

Lee, Francis

Murphy, Michael

Regan, Patt

Toole, Ed

Toole, Ervan

Toole, Jno (R.’11)

Toole, Martin

Walsh, James (M.’99)

Walsh, Jno (D.’02)

Walsh, Patt

Walsh, Thos (M.’08)



Decy, Patt (D.’05)

Decy, Thomas (M.’96)

French, Patt

Griefy, Patt (R.’02)

Kelly, Jno (D.’12)

Kenny, Patt (M.’10)

King, Mark

Liddane, Daniel (M.’00)

Liddane, Jno

Liddane, Patt (M.’05)

MacDonogh, Michael (B.’93, M.’05, R.’06)

MacDonogh, Myles (B.’93, M.’99)

MacDonagh, William (M.’10)



Ahern, Morgan (N.’11)

Bane, Mark

Cannavan, John (M.’94, W.’01, M.’02)

Clancy, Mark (M.’99)

Conneely, Roger (M.’12)

Connor, Martin (M.’98, D.’07)

Connor, Mathias (M.’08)

Divilly, William (W.’00)

Donohoe, Jas (R.’96)

Ennor, Thomas (M.’94)

Gibbons, John (M.’97, R.’00)

Gibbons, Myles (D.’97)

Halloran, And (D.’11)

Halloran, Michael

Hogan, Owen (D.’97)

Hurny, Martin (M.’12)

Hurny, Patt Junr (M.’00)

Hynes, Mick (N.’97)

Joyce, John (B)

MacDonogh, Jno (R.’06)

MacDonogh, Jno [erased] (M.’02)

MacHugo, Michael (M.’07)

Moylan, Thomas (D.’04)

Mulloy, William

Murphy, Michael Junr (M.’95, W.’05, M.’07)

O’Maley, Jno

Reilly, Jno

Reilly, Pat (N.’12)

Reilly, Thos (M.’11)

Russell, Bart

Tiernan, John

Toole, Andrew (M.’03)

Toole, James (M.’07, D.’09)

Walsh, Martin (N.’98)

Walsh, Patt Junr (N.M.’98)

Walsh, Patt Senr (N.’98, D.’05)

Walsh, Thos



Barrett, Jno (M.’93)

Connell, Bryan (M.’96)

Connell, Patt

Connor, Jno (R.’05)

Connor, Peter (R.’05)

Decy, James (M.’11)

Decy, Jno

Decy, Patt (W.’94, M.’95, R.’97)

Decy, Peter (M.’04)

Flyn, Michael (M.’94)

Hannen, Jno

Hannen, John (M.’08)

Joyce, Luke (C.’97)

MacHugo, Patt (B.)

Mullowny, David

Mullowny, John (M.’07, W.’09)

O’Maley, Andrew (M.’06)

O’Maley, Patt (W.’05)

O’Maley, Patt (M.’07)

O’Regan, Jno (M.’04)

Regan, Bryan

Regan, Thos (M.’11)



Kelly, Patt (R.’94)

Liddane, Bart (M.’93)

Liddane, Daniel (M.’12)

Liddane, Theady

Liddane, Theady (M.’06, R.’07)

Mullowny, Daniel (D.’00)

Mullowny, Laurence (M.’95, W.’00, M.’01)

Mullowny, Patt (W.’96)

Mullowny, Patt Junr (M.’97)

Mullowny, Peter

O’Maley, James (M.’98)

O’Maley, John (M.’07)

O’Maley, Martin (B.’93, M.’11)



Clancy, Patt (M.’07)

Conneely, Jno (P)

Donohue, Mathias

Donohue, Patt

Donohue, [R]ed (M.’00)

Donohue, Theady

Donohue, Theady Junr (M.’96)

Dunneen, Denis (W.’05)

Dunneen, Jno

Dunneen, Malachy (M.’05)

Faherty, Bart (M.’02)

Faherty, Jno Patk (M.’96)

Faherty, Michael (D.’99)

Faherty, Patt

Faherty, Patt Senr (D.’02)

Faherty, Thos (M.’01)

Faherty, William (W.’99)

Gaunane, James (M.’01)

Guane, Theady (W.’99)

Guane, Thomas (M.’97)

Guane, William (D.’10)

Halloran, Owen (N.’97)

Keady, Jas

Keady, Jas Jas (M.’95)

Keady, Jno Junr (M.’93, R.’95)

Keady, Jno Senr

Keady Martin Jas (W.’13)

Keady, Martin Jas (M.’97, R.’99)

Keady, Martin William

Keady, Michael (M.’06)

Keady, Patt

Keady, Theady (W.’05)

Keady, Thos (P)

Keady, Thomas Jas (M.’95)

Kinnelly, Jno

Kinnelly, Thomas (M.’01)

Madden, Jno (M.’09)

Magrath, Michael (M.’05)

Mul[v]uhory, Cahil (M.’04)

Mul[v]uhory, Daniel (D.’95)

Phelan, Jno (D.’12)

Phelan, Patt (M.’09)

Walsh, Maurice (M.’08)

Walsh, Mathias (M.’01)



Audley, Simon (R.’01)

Flaherty, Dudley (N.’03)

Flaherty, Mathias (N.’03)

Flaherty, Patt (N.’03, R.’07)

Flaherty, Peter (N.’02, R.’06)

Garvey, John (M.’99)

Grielish, Jno (M.’01)

Kinnelly, Michael (M.’05)

Linnane, Patt

Murphy, Patt

Walsh, Pat (M.’09)

Walsh, Thomas (D.’08)



Cahan, Jno (M.’96, D.’04)

Cahan, William (D.’10)

Donohue, Maths (N.’03)

Fahy, Thomas (M.’04)

Hanly, Thomas

Kyne, Jno (W. before ’93)

Kyne, Jno Junr (M.’02)

Kyne, Mathias (W.’94)

Kyne, Michael (M.’04)

Kyne, Peter (M.’08)

Kyne, Patt

Kyne, Theady (M.’03)

Kyne, Thos (M.’95)

Liddane, Michael (M.’05)

Liddane, Nicholas

Liddane, Patt

Liddane, Thomas (R.’05)

Lorrignan, Mathew (R.’94)

Mulloy, Patt

Walsh, Thomas



Carroll, Daniel (D.’10)

Conneely, Morgan (W.’98)

Conneely, Roger

Connelly, Ed (M.’00)

Cottenham, Thos (M.’98)

Drynan, Widow Anstace

Kelly, Jas (R.’06)

Kelly, Jas Bryan (M.’94)

Kelly, John (C.’09)

Moylan, John (M.’10)

Moylan, Mathias

Mulley, Murtagh

Mulluoge, Jas (M.’02)

Walsh, Ed (M.’96)

Walsh, Patt

Walsh, Peter (W. before ’93, M.’10)



Carter, George

Carter, John (M. ’09)

Hanly, James (D.’94)

Keady, Edmund (M.’97)

Keady, Malachy (W.’06)

Keady, Patt

MacCarra, John

O’Gara, Theady (W.’05)

Sullivan, William (M.’97)



Barrett, Martin (N.’99, W.&M.’04)

Barrett, Michael (M.’12)

Barrett, Myles (M.’01)

Barrett, William

Clancy, Michael (M.’06)

Concannon, James (N.’05, R.’09)

Conneely, Ed

Costello, Myles (W.’12)

Curreen, Jno (N.’95)

Curreen, Matthew (M.’94, W.’97, M.’99)

Divilly, Lau (R.’01)

Flaherty, James (M.’99)

Flaherty, Thomas (R.’06)

Hehir, Bart

Heraghty, Martin (D>.’04)

Heraghty, Martin Junr (M.’06)

Heraghty, Michael

Heraghty, Murtagh

Heraghty, Peter (M.’94)

Hynes, John (M.’06)

Keady, James Bryan (W.’05)

Keady, James Michl (R.’09)

Keady, Martin (M.’93)

Keady, Martin Junr (M.’02)

Keady, Thomas (R.’05)

Keady, Thomas (M.’06)

Keady, Ulick (M.’93)

Liddane, James (R.’96)

Liddane, John

Liddane, Patt FitzTheady (M.’09)

MacDonogh, Peter (M.’94)

MacDonogh, Walt (B.’93, M.’07)

MacDonogh, Walt Thoma (M.’12)

MacDonogh, Wm

MacDonogh, William Wm (M.’08)

MacHugo, Jno (M.’98)

MacHugo, Patt (M.’04)

Moylan, Daniel

Moylan, Peter (D.’98)

Naghten, Owen (M.’99)

O’Donnell, Patt (M>.’97)



Burke, Jno. (R.’08)

Connelan, Michael (D.’02)

Connell, Thomas (M.’03)

Connor, Roger (M.’94)

Finnegan, Thos.

MacDonogh, Andrew (R.’95)

MacDonogh, Andrew (M.’02, R.’12)

MacDonogh, Daniel (R.’12)

MacDonogh, Jno.  (R.’12)

MacDonogh, Thomas (R.’12)



Bane, Jas

Clancy, Patt (M.’03, W.’05, M.’06)

Cloherty, Bart (M.’02)

Cloherty, Jno (M.’94, R.’97)

Cloherty, Mark

Donohue, Michael (M.’06)

Faherty, Pat (M.’12)

Griffy, Hugh (M.’99)

Griffy, John Junr (M.’12)

Griffy, Michael (M.’08)

Guane, Patt (N.’94)

Keady, Jno

Keady, Mathias

Keady, Mathias Junr (M.’00)

Keady, Michael (M.’98)

Keady, Michael Peter (M.’12)

Keady, Patt (D.’99)

Keady, Peter (D.’06)

MacGriever, John

MacGriever, Martin

MacGriever, Thos (M.’01)

MacGriever, Wm

Moran, David

Moran, Jno

Mullowny, Mark (M.’06)

Mullowny, Michael (W.’11)

Noon, James

Noon, Jas Junr (M.’02)

Noon, John (D.’97)

Noon, Mathias (M.’03)

Noon, Patt (R.’97)

Noon, Pat Junr (M.’10)

Noon, Patt Senr (W. before ’93)

Noon, Thomas

Sarsfield, James (M.’97)



Connor, John (M.’09)

Connor, Patt

Doherty, Patt (N.’01)

Faherty, Pat

Hurny, Mathias

Hurny, Mathias Junr (M.’94)

Hurny, Patt

Lye, Martin (M.’11)

MacHugo, Edmund (M.’95, W.’01, M.’07, W.’09, M.’10)

MacHugo, John (M.’98, R.’02)

MacHugo, Peter

Madden, Mark

Mullowny, James (W.’11)

Mullowny, James Junr (M.’09)

Mullowny, Malachy (M.’10)

Mullowny, Mathias (M.’02)

Mullowny, Pat Beg (D.’11)

Mulluoge, Michael

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, Walt (M.’07)

Tiernan, Michael (M.’06)

Trindelode, James (M.’02) (Trindelode is a form of surname Keeler)

Trindelode, Jno (D.’95)

Trindelode, Mathias (M.’12)

Trindelode, Michael (M.’06)

Walsh, James (D.’99)



Bane, John (M.’01)

Bane, Mark (W.’08)

Bane, Theady

Bane, Thos (M.’95)

Clancy, James (M.’98)

Clancy, Peter

Earner, John (W.’07)

Faherty, John

Faherty, Mark

Faherty, Mathias (M.’96)

Faherty, Peter (M.’04)

Faherty, Theady

Faherty, Thomas (W. before ’93)

Guane, Pat

Guane, William

Hullane, Jno

Hullane, Michael

Kyne, Owen (W.’96)

Kyne, Theady (D.’08)

Linnane, John (R.’09)

Lorrignan,  James (R.’97)

Lorrignan, Martin (D.’02)

Lorrignan, Mathias (M.’07)

Lorrignan, Michael (M.’12)

Lorrignan, Michael (M.’01)

Lorrignan, Thos Junr (R.’96)

Lorrignan, Thomas Senr (W.’01)

Murphy, James (M.’96)

Noon, Jno (M.’96)

Noon, Lau

Noon, Mathias (M.’06)

Noon, Mathias (M.’06)

Noon, Stephen (D.’99)

Noon, Thomas (M.’99)

Sarsfield, Laurence (M.’98)

Sarsfield, Michael



Barrett, Thomas (M.’12)

Connor, Maths (N.’10)

Drynan, Michael (N.’02)

Faherty, Patt (R.’05)

Guanane, Laurence (M.’99)

Guanane, Patt (D.’06)

Kyne, John (M.’97)

Kyne, Mathias (M.’08)

Kyne, Michael (W.’07)

Kyne, Michael (M.’10)

Kyne, Patt

Liddane, Patt (N.’99)

Walsh, Andrew



Cravan, Bart (M.’03, R.’04)

Cravan, John (W.’04)

Cravan, Patrick (M.’93)

Cravan, Thomas (M.’07)

Flaherty, Mathias (M.’08)

King, Ed

MacDonogh, Ed

MacDonogh, Patt (M.’93)

MacDonogh, Patt Junr (M.’10)

MacDonogh, Peter (M.’95)

MacDonogh, Red (B.’93, R.’00)

O’Malley, William (R.’95)

Sullivan, Martin (M.’96)



Cahan, Bart (D.’05)

Callaghan, Denis

Callaghan, Michael (M.’08)

Callaghan, Patt (M.’12)

Callaghan, Thos (M.’00)

Conneely, John

Curly, Jno. (N.’04, R.’08)

Decy, Peter

Divilly, Laurence (N.’08)

Flyn, Denis (M.’02, R.’06)

Flynn, Jno. (M.’95, R.’97*)

Flynn, Patt

Folan, Roger (N.’04, R.’05)

Hanly, Patt (D.’01)

Hrny, Andrew

Hurny, Owen (M.’07)

Hurny, Thomas (M.’08)

Keady, Jno. (W.’99, D.’00)

Keady, Peter (M.’08)

Kelly, Jas.

Kyne, Thomas (N.’05)

MacAnne, Myles (R.’06)

MacCarra, Bart (W.’03)

MacCarra, Daniel (M.’02)

MacCarra, Mark (M.’96)

MacDonogh, Patt (R.’97)

Shaughnassy, Mick (W.’96)

O’Maley, Maths. (N.’08)



Conry, John (W.’11)

Conry, Martin

Drynan, Dermott (R,’03)

Drynan, Patt (D.’97)

Joyce, Michael (R.’03)

Moylan, Jno

Mullan, Richard



Faherty, Jno. (M.’93)

Faherty, Thomas

Hanly, Jno. (D.’07)

Hanly, Malacy (W.’95)

Hanly, Malachy Jnr (M.’94)

Hanly, Patt (M.’96, D.’07)

Mulkirane, Bryan (M.’95)

Mulkirane, Mark (M.’07)

Mulkirane, Michael

Mulkirane, Mick Jnr (M.’02)

Mulkirane, Patt

MulkiraneMichl, Patt (M.’10)

MulkiraneMichl, Michl (M.’11)



Connelan, Patt (M.’09)

Connor, Michael

Donohue, And (R.’04)

Donohue, Peter

Donohue, Theady

Faherty, Theady (D.’08)

Faherty, Thomas

Faherty, William (B.’93, M.’08)

Flaherty, Jno

Flaherty, Michael (M.’09)

Flaherty, Patt (D.’07)

Halloran, Michael (D.’06)

Heraghty, Bart (M.’00)

Heraghty, Dermod (M.’03)

Heraghty, Michael

Heraghty, Theady (M.’08)

MacHugo, Jno

MacHugo, Thomas (N.’93, R.’02)

Madden, Daniel

Mullowny, James Nick (R.’07)

Mullowny, James Patt

Mullowny, Mark Junr (W.’07, M.’10)

Mullowny, Michael (M.’09)

Mulloy, Hugh



Cloonane, Theady

Cloonane, Thomas (M.’11)

Conneely, Patt (N.’01, W.’04 )

Connor, Ulick (M.’98)

Egan, Jno. (D.’08)

Egan, Patt (M.’02)

Egan, Thomas (M.’08)

Gillenn, Jno.

Phelan, Andrew (M.’11)

Phelan, Edmund (D.’99)

Phelan, Nicholas (M.’02)

Phelan, Patt (N.’02)

Phelan, Thomas (N.’02)

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