Bull on behalf of the territory of Gnobeg A.D.1489

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Read amongst an audience. From Zenus, representing

Innocent, bishop and servant of the servants of God, the chosen sons of John de Burg and Nemee Magnelly and Canons and officials of the Church of Enachdune, sends his greetings and apostolic blessing. With due foresight, an apostolic seat is freely designed intended by which the Most High may be always blessed in each church, and Church members-present at those moments, without which spiritual events can not for long remain.

As we have accepted, as the control of the church parish of Gnobeg, of the diocese of Enachdun, appears to be about to join under the control of the laity, from which the beloved son Maurice O’Fflaghart assumed the aforementioned control , which had been empty, and maintaining it for that year fully and peacefully, he has not made himself so,with legal impediment ending, and with no permission having been obtained by him, he should vacate now and be moved from Holy Orders and by so great a time will he have moved as the assembly -by the last statute of the Lateran Council-is given over to that aforementioned seat.

And yet the aforementioned Maurice keeps the control with no title and no legal control recently sought, but by his own audacity, it to this very day and had done so for several years by “de facto” presence.

And as was recently shown to us, on behalf of the beloved sons of the current control, those named Guardiani and 8 Presbyteries in the church of St. Nicholas in Galway town, in the named diocese, in the matter of setting up a group by apostolic consent, were seeking by request if a common Mass in the aforementioned area might be fruitful and restored in the said parish of St. Nicholas which- among the rector and the 8 mentioned presbyteries that are deemed to serve the institution of the said college in divine rights- is divided, and not sufficient to support each of them, and be forever united and incorporated;  from this assuredly the resources of the rector and said 8 Presbyteries might be consulted, with an offering of 40 masses on their behalf and 12 marks sterling offered, this not to exceed the annual value of their property. This has been humbly asked of us, that we judge it worthy to unite the said rectory in the same continuous Mass, to include it, and to provide others at the right moment.

We therefore, some time ago, wanted and decided and ordained that whoever obtained a church favour in the year preceding and who intended to leave it for sure, for whatever number of years the owner owned it, he should declare that and be bound by any aforementioned ownership and whatever followed, and where we have no sure knowledge or where no guarantee existed, then the rector and the said presbyteries be suspended and punished, banned by other ecclesiastical sentences, legally and physically, on whatever cause and occasion if they should stand judged, and this to be pursued as far as necessary .

Absolving those and censuring others… in this time they said Maurice will retain the said rectory and those holding it, and inclined by certain pleas and your discretion, we order – by apostolic script – regarding you or 2 or one of you – if you call by Maurice and by others who should have been called, as designed, either others by any way or by any other’s persona or by the free signature of the said Maurice, or of any other outside the Curia of Rome, made even openly by a public secretary or willing witnesses, or a statement of opinion of John, Pope XXII, our predecessor, which begins “Accused”, or the assertion of any other church benefit, by ordinary authority, having been collected, that you find out what is empty and what promises are true, even if any exist by apostolic arrangement.

Above this, among other peoples, we wish the law to be held as at present, as it is clearly expressed until in time no law be especially sought in this and that the agreement of the said owners and others (as it concerns them) be reached and you see to it to incorporate and unite forever by our authority with laws and agreements.

And so that it may be permitted to the rector and the said presbyteries, through them either each or others, to take possession freely by their own authority and to retain forever, and to convert the riches and wealth of others to their own, in the freedom of the diocese and any other, having acquired others beyond this. There are none opposing the wish and law of the our aforementioned and by the good memory of Boniface, Pope V l 11, our predecessor, and by all other apostolic rules.

If any seek – beyond the provisions to be made for himself – any other church benefits of any type, particular or general, from the centre or letters of the legates, even if   through these it has come to a sanction, reservation and decree, we wish these letters (which were) taken not to be extended to the rectory of this type, but no decision to     be made to them as to the pursuance of other favours, and with any other privileges, indulgences and apostolic letters – general or specific – of whatever tone they reflect, which may not be stated or fully expressed for those present , the effect may be to block or in any way to postpone, and concerning all these statements a special mention may be held in our letters.

With foresight that an account of the said union and inclusion, if anyone, with the strength of those present, acts, and achieves, the said rectory be not cheated of due indulgences and the care of souls be not neglected in any way but normal duties be rightly supported. We detect what is wrong and empty if anything is attempted by any, by whatever authority, knowingly or unawares.

(This has been) given at Rome at St. Peter’s, in the year of the birth of Our Lord, 1487… 14 February, in the 4th year of our Papacy.


Innocent, Bishop, servant of the servants of God, in the permanent memory of the matter.

From the duty urged on us regarding the apostolic service, and we wish that freely, through the ecclesiastic persons, especially in any divine church praises.   One may consult properly and usefully, and with these which are said to have been done, that things may willingly endure forever, as was asked of us, we have added the strength of the apostolic faith.

Clearly, on behalf of the chosen sons, of all the Presbyteries and clerics of St. Nicholas’ Church in Galway town, in the diocese of Enachdunensis, a petition recently shown has concerned us – that in the permanent vicarages of the Church parishes of Slreyne & Maguilyl, Tuam & the said diocese of Enachdunensis, being then empty in a certain way, our respected and venerable brother the Archbishop of Tuam and (the) Bishop of Enachdunensis who are/is? anticipating a thinness in the fruit and returns of the college presbyters and said clerics who stay in the said diocese of St. Nicholas in holy duty, has taken and incorporated the said vicarages, thus empty, to the same college by ordinary authority, just as in certain letters of the said Archbishop & Bishop completed above, as is said to be more fully revealed.

As the same petition stated, as some benefited from the laws of union and incorporation aforesaid, on the part of presbyteries and said clerics that   themselves have followed the gaining of said vicarages which do not exceed the annual value of 14 sterling marks for the profit and fruit of the said vicarages, it was humbly asked of us that for the said union and incorporation, on behalf of the firmer support of these, the apostolic strength of confirming be added and we consider it worthy to add and incorporate the said vicarages to the same College and to see to others as the time is right, according to apostolic good will. We therefore (who) want among other things that those seeking church benefits be held together to state the one value, according to the common value of the benefit for which it was being sought. In general a union might not be of value, and always in unions a start be made to the parts of which there is concern, and likewise it be seen as·to which unions be made, the said presbyters and clerics and each one of them from those (who were) excluded or banned, and from   other ecclesiastical statements and censures, by law or man, or by any reason or cause (that was brought) if there remains any at all, as far as applies to carrying out   this effect, releasing, and judging those who would be released, and truly from the last of said vicarages (there be) a way of clearing, even if from this some general saving should occur; holding for those who are present, having been inclined by requests of this   type, regarding the said union and incorporation, they involve each and all in these said letters, to having followed these, by apostolic authority, we approve and confirm and, having regard to the protection of the present script, we agree, completing each and every shortage, if any should perhaps occur in same.

Nonetheless, it were better – (regarding) the said vicarages, in any way, and in any person, or through the willing resignation of any of this, outside the Roman Curia, even openly by public judgment, and with witnesses to the deed and decision of the successful record of Pope John XXII our predecessor which begins “Appalling”, or the assent of any other ecclesiastical favour, assembled by said normal authority, that it be unoccupied, even if they should have empties at so great a time that their assembly, outside the Lateran statute of assembly (be) rightly devolved to an apostolic seat, and the vicarages themselves exist through special apostolic ruling; above these we wish the status of the law to be held by those present where it may hang, undecided, while the required law may not be specially for these at the time, with all rules and clauses. We blend and incorporate forever, by the said apostolic authority, these to the same college.

And so because the said presbyteries and clerics are allowed – through themselves or any other – (to have) physical ownership of laws and properties, to own freely by their own authority and to retain forever the use of rewards and income to their own college and said vicarages and to convert to their own use, the freedom of the diocesan place is little required.

By our said desire and by the memory of the dutiful Pope Boniface VIII our predecessor, there is to be no opposition or from any other apostolic ruling. If any obtain letters on having rules made for themselves or any other rules of the Church in other parts, special or general, of the said seat or the legates, even if through these (letters) a decree be made for reserving, or others be promised in any way, and letters and dealings be done through these same (ways), to then followed, to the said   vicarages, we wish this not be extended, no favour to be granted for any benefits, to with any other privileges, indulgences and apostolic letters, general or special, of whatever duration they consist, which is not expressed to those present or completely included, it may be worth having the result blocked as one wants or postponed, and a special mention be made in our letters of all of these durations. Provided that, on account of the said union and incorporation, the said vicarage be not denied its due indulgence and the care of souls be in no way neglected but their usual burdens be suitably supported for we see it (as) upsetting and empty if this should have been attempted by any one, on whatever authority, knowingly or not.

It is allowed to one man, therefore to impair this page of our absolution, approval, confirmation, communication, addition, union, incorporation, will or decree, or to do so by rash attempt. If anyone should have presumed to try, moreover, he will meet the anger and strictine of all powerful God and of his apostles, St.’s Peter & Paul, in the year of our Lord, 1492, 5 June, i n the eighth year of our Papacy.”

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