Moycullen Heritage Quiz 14

15 June 2020

Mary Ann Feeney

Another week of pick’n’mix type questions… Answers will be posted here on Friday, 19 June 2020.

  1. What saint is associated with Loughwell School?
  2. Moycullen was one of the earliest places in Connaught to be inhabited. According to folklore, what was the surname of the first people to settle here?
  3. One of the boundaries of Moycullen parish is at Quinn’s Bridge. Where is this bridge?
  4. In which Moycullen townland is Boithrín na gCreig?
  5. Funerals going to the church stopped at Bearna na gCorp, a location on the Oughterard road. In another part of the parish, funerals also stopped and men added a few stones to a heap, cloch le carn. Where was this?
  6. At funerals, a table was placed outside the door of the church and people left money on it. This money was then given to the priest. This custom was called ‘taking the …………..’, a tradition that continued until recent times.
  7. During the COVID 19 pandemic, the services of barbers and hairdressers are a big loss to us all! In folklore, it was considered unlucky to have your hair cut on which day of the week?
  8. Fr. Kenny was parish priest in Moycullen during the famine. In what townland did he live?
  9. Long ago, when people walked on mountains in remote areas, they carried bread in their pockets for fear of being struck by a severe unnatural hunger. What was this hunger called in Irish?
  10. Who is the Moycullen-born author of Maigh Cuilinn a Táisc agus a Tuairisc (1986), a book that is a rich resource of Moycullen heritage, folklore and placenames?

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  • Quiz 14. Nice addition of Covid 19’in Q.7!
    Maith thú!

    By Jean Cantwell (17/06/2020)

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