Moycullen Heritage Quiz 8

4 May 2020

Mary Ann Feeney

This week our quiz features customs and cures.  The answers will be posted here on Friday, 8 May 2020.

1.   In pre-vaccine days whooping cough was a greatly feared disease. According to local folklore, the owner of a particular animal could give a cure.
a)  What was the animal?
b)  What was particular about this animal?

2.   If you had a thorn in your finger that couldn’t be removed with a needle, what part of a fox would be used to draw out the thorn?

3.   When was Puss Sunday and why was it so called?

4.   A tradition associated with local weddings was that the guests would take part in racing their horses from the church to the house where the reception was held. What was this race called?

5.   What was the fóidín mearbhaill?

6.   What was the cure for the fóidín mearbhaill?

7.   The names of the townlands in Moycullen are all derived from the Irish language and were Anglicised – Coill Bruachlán became Kylebroughlan. What are the two exceptions to this?

8.   Where is Bealach Uilinn?

9.   A local custom was that a branch of a tree was put over doors of houses and outhouses and on top of dung heaps on May Eve for protection from the fairies. What tree was used?

10.  It was believed that the leg of particular creature, if chewed, could cure toothache. What was the creature?

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